This is what China Sourcing Agent Company does here. Not only do we offer some of the most comprehensive procurement services, but we also offer many additional features at low extra cost. Read on to learn about the product sourcing services we offer that can help us to distinguish us from other purchasing agents in China that compete with your concerns.

1. Superior sourcing service in China

At China Sourcing Agent, we learned that there are many purchasing companies in China competing for your attention. Therefore, we go beyond our responsibilities at every level to ensure that our sourcing services meet your needs.

First, we will make every effort to keep low prices based on the quality.

This is thanks to our direct purchasing model. In the process, we will not involve any unnecessary people, so we invite middlemen to reduce the price. When you buy from us, you will not deal with price increases. We protect you from the hidden costs of booming other purchasing companies.

All our prices are completely transparent. We are committed to finding the best quality products for you at the lowest price. We are confident in our proposal, and if you find a competitor who can provide the same quality goods at a lower price, we will promise to refund any price difference.

Connections with more than 1000 actual plant resources. We have companies in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, located in the south and north of China. So we can connect you with countless factories in China. These are not just names in the directory. These are real factories that we have handled professionally and can guarantee.

One-to-one customer service. Our professional business team will provide you with unparalleled attention, experience and training. Each member of our team undergoes rigorous testing and comprehensive training before interacting with customers. Whenever you talk to one of our team members, you can rest assured that you will have the ability.

Customers can sign third-party contracts as needed. We understand the complexity involved in international business. Therefore, we are willing to make every effort to reach a transaction that you have confidence in. We will help you sign third-party contracts with buyers and factories so that you cover all future legal grounds.

Finally, we charge a service fee upon successful completion of the transaction. This means that we won’t get paid until our customers get what they want. We understand that your success is our success and that is why we are fully committed to helping you succeed.

So now you see what sets us apart from our competitors. We offer more options, we charge lower prices, and our team is more committed to customer satisfaction. It is not difficult to see how Chinese purchasing agents have surpassed competitors at every step. If that’s all we provide, that’s enough, but we’re just getting started.

2. Additional features included at low extra cost

In addition to our standard procurement services, we offer a range of other services to help us stand out from the competition. These are not available to many of our competitors, who are more willing to offer customers a minimum price. We are different. We believe that our customers deserve the best. That’s why we provide quality services without additional charges. We will cover all the free services in this article. When you work with us, you don’t have to pay extra to get our best service, we will provide this service to every customer who chooses to work with us.

1. Product Sourcing in China

We source products based on actual contacts and work experience. When you buy a product through us, you can trust that you are working with a well-known supplier. If you are looking for a moderately priced and high value product, then you need the expertise we provide.

2. Free Samples

When you buy a product through our service, you will never be asked what kind of product you will receive. That’s because we provide our customers with free samples. We understand the concerns people have when doing business internationally. That’s why we go to great lengths to assure our customers of their advantages. We will prepare a sample of any product you buy and deliver it to you so you can see for yourself whether it meets your standards.

3.. Supplier Verification

In Chinese sourcing agency, we not only connect our customers with our suppliers, but also ensure that our suppliers are true to their promises. We work to ensure that suppliers demand it and comply with their agreements. Language barriers prevent many foreign investors from properly verifying their connection with the Chinese, which is not a problem for us. We are in a good position to have the necessary research to ensure your purchase goes smoothly.

4. Arrange Payment for Suppliers

Doing business internationally has to deal with numerous logistical issues. Scheduling and coordinating payments is a daunting task for someone who has never done business in China before. That’s why we are ready to help you resolve all potential payment issues before they cause you trouble. The orderly flow of funds is essential for conducting business, and we will ensure that this cash flow is not interrupted.

5. Quality Inspection

Ordering online should not be a gamble. If you’re paying for quality goods, you should get quality goods when everything is said and done. That’s why we conduct our own quality checks to ensure that our manufacturers fulfill their promises. Some manufacturers take shortcuts when dealing with foreign companies because no one will ask them to take action. But when manufacturers do business with us, they know that we will be responsible for each of their choices. Let us be your representative in China.

6. Warehousing in China for 30 days

Another major issue for international business is scheduling. You may want to ship the goods as soon as possible, but sometimes you have problems with the plan and you must reschedule the schedule. You don’t want to pay for warehousing for new purchases just because of a small scheduling incident. That’s why we will store your purchase in China for up to 30 days without increasing the price. This gives you enough time to deal with any unexpected planning issues, all of which will not worry you about excessive costs.

7. Arrange Freight Services

Even for Chinese citizens, shipping products inside and outside China can be a difficult process. It requires a deep understanding of how freight works in China and the connections that keep the country growing. We bring all this and more to the table. We will ensure that your products reach their destination on time.

8. Labeling

We will ensure that your products carry a complete accuracy and legibility factory label. This is an area that has not received sufficient attention in the field of international business. If you want your products to pass customs in time, proper labeling is absolutely critical. Because label errors are easy to avoid, goods are derailed every day. Don’t let sloppy labels threaten your business, hire us to make sure you make perfect labels.

9. 5 product photographs

Written updates on production progress. That’s why we will provide you with product pictures before shipment. Know exactly how your product looks in China! Look at your product with the naked eye to make sure that the manufacturer does exactly what you want. Not only will we take one photo, we will provide you with five photos so that you can view the product from multiple angles and decide for yourself whether the product meets your expectations.

10. Short Video

If still photos are not enough for your needs, then you will be glad to know that we can also make short videos. This service is especially useful if you are buying a product with moving parts or mechanical effects. Instead of looking at a still image of the product and imagining it in action, we will capture the video for you to watch for yourself. No need to wait until your shipment arrives to see what the movement looks like! This is another way we try to please you.

So you already have ten features included in all our packages. Remember, all these services are completely free! They are included in the basic price you pay for our services. As other companies continue to charge on top of their initial prices, we strive to be as simple and transparent as possible. Low prices can meet all your needs, but you don’t need them.

3. A diverse product range

Another area we focus on is the unique combination of our product range and experience. We will assist you in procuring almost any product from a Chinese factory, and we also provide a special selection of special products. Due to our unique level of experience, these products are particularly suitable for our processing. As of this writing, our leading products are plush toys, outdoor tableware, stainless steel cola bottles, French media and LED car lights. All of these are available through product certification, so you can shop with confidence.

No matter which product you are looking for, we will always provide the same quality service. We will help you find the perfect product for your needs. We will provide samples for free so that you can ensure that you get exactly the samples you need and check the product after production to make sure that the supplier can fulfill their promise. All of these services are free until you send your payment. Because we are fully committed to successfully completing each order. While other companies take shortcuts and bridges, we create long-term success based on long-term working relationships.

4. Flexible service packages

In China, we understand that not all customers have the same needs. Some people need us to handle every step of the procurement process, while others just need some help with logistical issues. That’s why we don’t force a business with us. We offer two different services, both with their own feature list and price point.

(A) The first service is our more limited package. If you already have a factory or want to find a factory yourself, we will work with that factory while handling logistics. The Chinese purchasing agent will be solely responsible for the purchase and payment For this package, we usually receive a 10% fee for products under $ 2,000 and 5-10% fee for products above $ 2,000. And shipping to a designated freight forwarder.

(B) The second service is our full-featured package. The Chinese purchasing agent will handle the entire procurement process. From finding suppliers, quotations, documents, inspections to contacting freight forwarders, we will handle every step of the process. For this package, you can see our prices on the price list.

You can choose the service that suits your unique needs. You don’t have to pay extra for services you don’t need. We are happy to help you find the factory and go from there, or we can work with the factory of your choice to ensure your order goes smoothly. As you can see from our flexible packages and prices, we will be happy to help you no matter what your needs are.

All your China sourcing needs in one place

Buying products from China can be difficult, but we don’t think that’s necessary. That’s why we do everything we can to build a one-stop shop for all your purchasing needs. From finding the ideal product, to monitoring its manufacturer, and shipping it to its final destination, we will go all the way.

If you want to succeed in China, then you need to find a friend in this country who cares most about your interests. This is exactly what China Sourcing Agent does. You can see the promise to your customers in the level of service we provide, and in all the other features we provide, at no extra cost. If you want to do business in China, you should contact us to learn how we can help ensure a successful experience.