About Price

West Sourcing Agent Fee Structure

Our goal is to save you time and save money.

China sourcing agent Fees are very transparent and do not have any hidden costs or commissions.

We only charge a very reasonable service charge. We will follow up production, inspection products,quality control, product validation and freight management. We are your Chinese purchasing department and your Chinese friends.

Our team help you source suppliers in China for free or based on work. You don’t need to pay any upfront fee to start using the service.
Our cost is very affordable
Only when you like our quotation and place product order to us, you pay 5-10% service fee based on product value. By charging you service fee, we help you coordinate between suppliers and you for customizing your product & packaging, follow up producing, inspect quality, and arrange shipping.
Our minium order is $1,000/item, and it’s also Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for most manufacturers in China.Thus the service charge starts from $200, friendly for even small business, even more worthy than paying a 3rd party inspection company.
Payment=Product Amount + Service Charge(based on product amount) + Shipping Fee